LEDs size it

20W-5-smallThe average LED driver for a 20W LED easily sizes up to over 60 cubic cm as a printed circuit board with components without housing. A 100W driver grows rather linearly to almost 250 cubic cm. You get over 200 grams of electronic components. We cannot display a 100W driver at real size: it would not fit on this page!

When considering lifetime and reliability, less is always more. More components means more failure.

100W-1 medium




More failure is not what you are looking for. You need a lighting solution that is installed once and lights for years without failure.




NRGLed coreThe solution of NRGLed is built by discrete components and semiconductors. The size of the solution does not grow with increasing power requirements. The lifetime of the driver is based on the lifetime of semiconductors, i.e. the same technology as LEDs. The core of the solution is about 10 components, resistors included. And yes – the picture to your right is magnified in size, so that you can see it!
Since there are no relevant capacitors or inductors, the powerfactor almost equals 1, without any need for compensation circuitry.

Size does matter. Big is not always beautiful. Less components means less cost, less failure, less waste of energy. NRGLed provides real power to LEDs.

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