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Real power to LEDs can only be obtained through NRGLed

Sneujink, LGM, van den Biggelaar, PJMM “Real Power to LEDs” Fotonica Magazine, 38e jaargang nr. 3, oktober 2013. Download the article

The lifetime of LEDs (without the driving electronics) is exceeding 50 000 hours (5+ years if turned on continuously)

US Department of Energy “Lifetime of White LEDs”, PNNL-A-50957, September 2009, www.eere.energy.gov

The design of a LED lamp is unbalanced: the lifespan of the LED exceeds the lifespan of the electronics by far.

van Driel, W.D. et.al., “Led System Reliability”, proceedings of the 12th International Thermal, Mechanical and Multi-Physics Simulation and Experiments in Microelectronics and Microsystems (EuroSimE 2011)

“Driver losses are our biggest problem”

DenBaars, S. “Fundamental Limits to Efficiency of LEDs”, Presentation from the DOE Solid-State Lighting R&D Workshop, Solid State Lighting and Energy Center Materials and ECE Departments, University of California, Santa Barbara, , February 2010

The Dutch Consumer Association sees advancement in LED lamps, but is concerned about price in relationship to lifetime.

Consumentenbond: www.consumentenbond.nl, dossier spaarlampen, update 13-2-2013

Only 10% of ambient lighting in the world is on LED lamps

Top Sector HTSM: “Lighting the Future”, Innovation Contract, Lighting Roadmap, 2013

The relationship between luminous flux and driving current is essentially linear in the operating range where NRGLed drivers are active.

Brendel, M. et.al. “Auger recombination in GaInN/GaN quantum well laser structures”, Applied Physics Letters 99, 031106 (2011).

LEDs can deal with high currents if their temperature is managed properly

Efremov, A. et.al. “Effect of the Joule Heating on the Quantum Efficiency and Choice of Thermal Conditions for High-Power Blue InGaN/GaN LEDs”, Physics of Semiconductor Devices, Volume 40, Number 5 (2006), 605-610.

Lighting systems have a negative influence on the powergrid.

ISSO, “Aspecten en gevolgen van netvervuiling ten gevolge van lichtbronnen en verlichtingsystemen”, studie in opdracht van Agentschap NL, maart 2010. Download the article.

The eye is very versatile and has a complex way to perceive light intensity

Kolb, Helga et. al. “The organization of the Retina and Visual System“ Webvision part VIII, webvison.med.utah.edu

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